Monday, December 15, 2008

All I Want For Christmas

All Jack and Avery Want for Christmas

I'm feeling in the Christmas spirit today after a weekend of decorating the house and shopping for gifts.  This photo of Jack and Avery was taken two years ago and is one of my favorite holiday time photos of them.  The list to the left includes some of the things they asked Santa for that year.  What I love about this LO is that the rustic, subtle color tones really draw your focus in to the contrasting b & w photo.  I was also able to get a title, embellishments AND journaling into the page, which is always tough for me.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Best Friend

My Best Friend - 300


Just thinking about my sweet sister today, so thought I would do a quick post about a recent layout I did in her honor.  The photo was taken at a family reunion in Colorado last year, which was a really wonderful time for us.  

The layout itself was really fun for me because I got to focus on my relationship with my sister.  Truly, my Best Friend.  The rub on birds are from Jenni Bowlin Studio.  I loved making them face each other, because they kinda look like they're gabbing -  just like Wendie and I do.  The large circle design is a cutout from Hambly and was actually inspired by a layout I saw from a talented artist at Scrappy Chic.  I love how the design highlights another beautiful patterned paper.

Not much to say today...just looking forward to scrapbooking this weekend and finally getting the Christmas Tree up!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shop Michigan

Picture 001

We all know the economy is struggling, particularly for us here in Michigan.  Some believe that it's such an overwhelming problem that there isn't anything we, as individuals, can do about it.  I disagree.  I read an article yesterday in the Detroit Free Press that inspired me to write this post.  The article is about holiday shopping and talks about making an effort this year to help Michigan, by buying Michigan-made products and supporting Michigan-based businesses.  This has long been a passion of mine and I was thrilled to read the article.  A lot of great products are made right here in Michigan - Kellogg's Cereals, Better Made Potato Chips, Faygo Pop, Sanders Fudge and Carhartt -  just to name a few.  Michigan is also home to more great businesses than just The Big 3 automakers.  Borders Books & Music, Howard Miller Furniture, La-Z-Boy Furniture and Pewabic Pottery all are based in Michigan.  Let's not forget all of the charming boutiques and mom-and-pop stores that are located throughout the state.    

To all of my scrapbooking friends - Did you know that Michigan is home to a major crafts/scrapbook manufacturer?  Colorbok is located in Dexter, MI.  I recently purchased two beautiful Colorbok scrapbooks (pictured above and below) at my favorite store, Scrappy Chic.  Not only do I LOVE my new books, but I love that I was able to support two Michigan businesses by buying them. 

The message here is simple - we can all make a difference in our economic future, by supporting our Michigan businesses.  When shopping for books - choose Borders instead of Barnes & Noble, when grabbing a snack - choose Better Made rather than Frito Lay's and Faygo over Coke.  Heck if you can, buy a shiny new car from Ford, GM or Chrysler.  Just remember....if possible, keep your money in Michigan.  Our future depends on it.

Picture 006

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grandma's Vintage Sweater Dress

Avery loves Grandmas sweater dress

These are old pictures of Avery (she recently turned 4), but I have been waiting to find the perfect inspiration to scrap them.  My sister took these photos of Avery when she was about 8 months old.  They are pretty special because she is wearing her grandma's baby sweater.  Thankfully, Grandma thought she looked so cute, she didn't mind her taking a little taste of the vintage garment.

For this LO, I used the Bookworm Collection from SIS TV (again), as well as some other bits and pieces.  I loved every bit of this kit and am excited that I still have a lot left to use.  One of my favorite elements of this page is the piece of vintage fabric used at the top left.  It came with the kit too and is the perfect match for the sweater.    

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mama and her Birdies

Mama and her birdies

Just another quick post of a recent layout.  This is such an amazing picture (captured by my sis) of Amy and the kids.  The LO was designed using the Bookworm collection from SIS TV.   I decorated the birdies with patterned paper to represent the family and used the Basic Grey distressing kit to age the paper and the photo. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Heartbreaker

The Daily Grind of Being a Heartbreaker

My schedule has been so busy lately, I haven't had time to blog.....but worse than that, I haven't had time to scrap!  Uggh.  Thank goodness scrap league is this weekend, so I hope to get a lot accomplished. 

In the meantime I thought I'd post a recent layout of Jack.  I LOVE this picture of him.  I mean seriously...if you were a 7-year-old girl in his class, could you handle it?  He's a little charmer. 

Photo credit goes to my sis, Wendie DeLano. 

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lilly

Lilly, IMG_6783copyblog

I can remember the day you were born, three years ago today, so vividly.  I think other than your mommy and daddy, I was the happiest person on the planet. 

Since the day you came into our lives, you have been the biggest joy we could ever hope for.  You are so wonderfully sweet, thoughtful, funny and of course beautiful.  When I see you, I can't wait to give you big hugs and kisses and when I leave you, I miss you and can't wait to see you again. 

I have to say one of the best sights in the world is seeing you walk up to my front door, knocking and announcing "Aunt Beckie, I here."  When I answer the door, you're always there with that pretty smile and those big beautiful blue eyes looking up at me.  Those days are made even better when we get to snuggle in and watch Peter Pan and Wendy together. 

I hope you have a wonderful birthday today, my sweet Lilly.  Aunt Beckie loves you "berry, berry" much!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Fun

There is nothing like hanging out with kids on Halloween to make you remember how much fun it is!  I couldn't wait to share a few of my favorite Halloween photos from last weekend's event at Waldenwoods.

1.) Lilly as Cinderella 2.) Avery as Super Woman 3.) Jack as Indiana Jones

4.) Mom and Dad-in-law as Mustard and Ketchup 5.) Lilly and Avery

6.) Lilly is rendered speechless at meeting Dora the Explorer

7.) Lilly is a bit cautious after meeting a few other Halloween friends

8.) All the kids gather for a group photo.  L-R: Avery, Jack, Travis, Abby, 

      Peyton and Lilly

Oct 08 110 Oct 08 079

Oct 08 076 Oct 08 109

Oct 08 173

Oct 08 157

Oct 08 151

Oct 08 068

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Scrapbook Injury?

Yep, its true.  I believe I have suffered my first scrapbook related injury.  A week or so ago, I was working on a layout with intricate cut-out detail.  I spent a great deal of time cutting out tree branches and leaves and flowers, to create a beautiful effect that seemed to pop off the page.  Trouble is when I removed the scissors from my hand there was a dent on my thumb where the scissors once were.  Yikes.  My thumb was a little numb for a while and still is quite sensitive to the touch.  I'm pretty sure I have suffered nerve damage.  :o)  My point to this story?  Scrapbooking is a tough sport - boys would never be able to handle it. 

Below is the page in which I speak.  The photos of Lilly were taken last fall on a "family reunion" trip to Colorado.  She was having fun playing with her little cousins - and looked pretty darn cute in her pigtails. 

It was worth losing a functional thumb over, wouldn't you say? 

Our Heartstring

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Farewell Paul Newman

Farewell Blue Eyes

Oh how I adored this man.  Not only did I admire his stunning face (I have often said that even in his 80's he was the most handsome man on the planet), but from my perspective he was an incredible human being.  As noted in this CBS News story, he had a soft spot for underdogs in real life, giving tens of millions of dollars to charities through his food company and setting up camps for severely ill children.  He was a man that made things happen, selflessly, for others and whose charm and wit effected millions of people. 

After learning of his death last week, I was compelled to pay tribute to him with this page.  To the left of the movie reel at the top is a list of some of my favorite films of his.  And the photo...well its breathtaking. 

Farewell, Blue Eyes.  You will be missed. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Inspired by a Kleenex Box?

Circle of Love

Yep, this pretty layout was inspired by a Kleenex box.  Have you noticed how beautiful some of them are these days?  Down right masterpieces.  I recently picked up a lovely box at the grocery and found myself admiring it all the I decided to design a page around it.  I handmade the little love birdies and hearts.   

The inspiration....

Sept 08 329

Take a look around and see if you have any household items that you can turn into a great page. 

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kudos to Cindy Tobey

Wanted to send a quick nod of congrats to Cindy Tobey for her Creating Keepsakes cover! Her layout was featured on the cover of the September issue (yes, I'm a little delayed with this post). Cindy is an incredibly talented scrapbook artist and I've been a fan of hers for some time. Her work has been published often, but I believe this is her first cover. It is an amazing accomplishment for a deserving and talented artist.
Cindy is one of many incredible scrapbook artists from Michigan. A few other of my favorite Michigan scrappers are: Jody Ferlaak, Staci Compher and Amy Peterman. Some of their work has been featured in various publications and can also be found on SIStv.
Congrats, Cindy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Scrapbook League

I'm so excited that our fall scrapbook league at Scrappy Chic has started!  You may remember me blogging about league last fall, but for those who don't, it goes something like this:  Scrapbook League is a little like bowling league in that each hour counts for a frame.  At the end of each hour, we receive points for the number of layouts completed.  Additional points are earned if we meet the challenge set at the beginning of the day.  It's a lot of fun and naturally great regular bonding time with the girls.

This season we have changed our name as our group is growing in number and we will eventually split off into two teams.  Our name this year is S*W*A*K (Scrapped with a Kiss) and we will wear team aprons (photos to come).  Thanks to Chicki for coming up with our cute name.

We won't receive official scores until the next league day, but the layouts I completed this week are below.  For the first one, I used a kit from SIS TV.  I was inspired by the "What'll You Have" coaster and decided to use these great photos of Jay playing bartender to our cat at the old house.  Classic funny pictures.  The second was based on the league challenge of the day which was to create a layout using mostly pink, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.  I love this photo of Lilly and me on the beach and thought the paper complimented it beautifully.  

Enjoy these, I'll be sure to post my work after each league.

Jay's Lounge 


Friday, September 19, 2008

Lilly's First Day of Pre-School

Sept 08 339 Lilly had a big day this week....her first day of pre-school.  My sister invited me to come along, for support and to take pictures.  When they arrived to pick me up, Lilly came knocking at my door with such a sweet smile and excitement to start school.  She looked ADORABLE in a pretty pink dress with a big apple on the side and a cute floral backpack over her shoulders. 

When we arrived at the school, she couldn't wait to go in.  She rushed over to the window (the school is in the church basement, so she could see in) and peered in, saying "Oh look at all ob the toys in dere."  Oh dear, she started dancing with glee and headed straight for the door.  

Sept 08 335Here, she anxiously tries to get in...but the doors are locked and she has to wait just a few more minutes. 

When we entered the room, she wasn't quite sure where to begin...coloring, playing with sand, painting, playing with dolls.  What a day!

I took many more great photos on Wendie's camera...hoping to scrap them this weekend.

Monday, September 15, 2008

How Not To Look Old


Well, I think it's time I face facts....I'm not as young as I once was.  After recently turning 36, I've started looking a little closer into the mirror and am sure that I've noticed a few more wrinkles and white hairs.   As many of you know, I am not someone who frowns upon fact, I really embrace it.  I'm fortunate to have good genes and have been "blessed" with pale skin, so my age can be a little deceptive to some.  However, I really do want to hold on to that as long as I can. 

It's funny, I heard from my pal, Charla Krupp, this weekend as she is updating her book for paperback printing.  A while back I assisted her with some research on Detroit area resources and she was kind enough to thank me in her book and even sent me an autographed copy (see pics below).   Sept 08 332 

Sept 08 334











I thought the timing was perfect to plug the book, which I consider a beauty and style bible!  Particularly for career women like me, who want to remain hip, yet age appropriate, while the women working around us keep getting younger.  This book offers cheat sheets of to-dos and fast fixes that help keep you young looking.  It's packed with eye-opening details on hair color, brows, lipstick, wrinkle-erasers, jeans, shapewear, jewelry, heels and more.  The best part is that the book speaks to every woman: from low maintenance types who don't want to spend a fortune or tons of time on looks, to high maintenance women who believe in looking fabulous at any price.  There's also too-old vs. just-right before and after photos, celebrity examples of good and bad style, shopping lists and much more.

Below is one of my favorite quotes from this MUST-READ book:

"It's the little black book for the gray-is-the-new-blond set! At our age we are evolved enough to understand that wrinkles don't matter....But who needs 'em?  Buy this book and glow old gracefully!" — Christie Brinkley

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jack

Jack's Silly Faces

My oh my, where does the time go?  It seems like just yesterday you were in your mom's belly and just last week that you were the "First Baby" in our wedding and just last month that we watched you take your first steps at Quiggs cabin.  Jack, you are growing up to be a delightful young man and we are all in awe of you all the time.  You are so smart and inquisitive and pretty darn funny too.  I love watching you spend time with your Uncle Jay. 

I made this page a few weeks back...I know, I are 6 in this picture and now you are 7.  You don't have those front teeth anymore, either.  I'll have to create something new soon, featuring the older and more mature boy. 

Have a great day, birthday buddy!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to Me

September 6 - I love this day. Family, fun, presents, cake....did I mention presents?? Yes, today is my Birthday - and Wendie's too. Every year, we begin this special day with a phone call to each other at the stroke of midnight. We must be the first to wish each other a Happy Birthday - after all, we've been together since the womb.

Even though I joke about having to share my birthday sometimes, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love sharing this day with Wendie, the best sister and friend I could ever ask for. I love taking turns opening presents and blowing out our candles together. It is simply one of my greatest joys. I even created a scrapbook page once, with photos of us from various birthday's blowing out the candles (see below). The hairstyles are killer!

I love the picture here, taken at our Nana's. I'm not sure it's a birthday picture, but the outfits are precious. Love the matching red socks! Mom always dressed us so well.

Happy Birthday, Sister! I love you very much.

Happy Anniversary

Six years ago today, I married this handsome man. I must say, I'm a pretty lucky girl. He is my biggest fan and cheerleader and truly thinks I can do anything - which makes me feel like I actually can. Not only is he a wonderful supporter, he's a pretty good house cleaner too! Somebody has to be, I guess :o)
Happy Anniversary, Dear. Sorry that our special day is usually overshadowed by another special occasion this day brings....but please know that it is never overshadowed to me.
I love you.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day

Aug 08 054

Ah, 3 day weekends...sure do love 'em.  Since this weekend celebrates Labor Day, I thought it would be a good time to finally tell everyone that my sister is having another baby!  I'm so excited to become an auntie to another beautiful baby.

Several weeks ago, Lilly broke the news to me when she came knocking on my front door with a big smile on her face.  Her happy little voice shouted "I'm gonna be a big sister."  I leaped off of the couch with an inquisitive look to my sister....and she nodded with a smile that it was true.  Wendie is just about four months along now and looking gorgeous.  I took this photo of her last weekend, proudly showing her baby bump.  Can't wait to meet the new little one. 

Have a wonderfully relaxing holiday, everyone! 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Momma!

Today is a big day for a pretty young girl I mom!  Birthday's are a pretty special occasion in my family, because my mom has always made sure of it.  Being a twin, I've always shared my birthday....but my mom makes sure each of us always feel special on our big day.  Every birthday, she makes our favorites - her special "Little Chicken's" and "Chocolate Cherry Cake."  She also goes a million extra miles to get us the most special birthday gifts that are always beautifully wrapped.  Honestly, I think I love my birthday so much because of her.

Momma (remember when I used to call you that?), I wish I could make you feel as special on your birthday as you always do for me.  I hope this little note puts a smile on your face and lets you know that I love you very much. 

A while back, I made this scrapbook page about us, so I thought I would post it today.  As they say...we kinda look alike.  :o)

Happy Birthday!!

They Say We Look Alike - 300

Monday, August 18, 2008

Miss You Already

Well, it has been almost a month since my dear friend Emily, and her sweet husband Marc, packed up their bags and moved to Chicago.  I know this is certainly not an eternity, but why does it feel like one??  I have passed by her office countless times since she left - and until today - it felt kind of like she was on vacation.  Today, I am really feeling her absence and wishing I could pop in for a few minutes for one of our cherished chats. 

Don't get me wrong, I could NOT be happier that she has moved back home, near her mom, family and friends and that she has an amazing new job to focus on.  The move was the best thing for her, so for that reason I am thrilled.  But, we're allowed to be selfish sometimes, aren't we?? 

Em, I love and miss you and think of you often!  Hope and I cannot wait to come for a visit very soon.  Hope you like the layout I made as a tribute to you.  :o) 


Miss You Already

Monday, August 11, 2008

"Take Me Out To The Ball Game"

So, I know that I tend to gush over our little sweet pea here....but I can hardly believe how fast she is growing up. She is such a smart, funny, sweet and thoughtful girl. She is also quite the little entertainer. Lilly loves to sing and has quite a few songs in her repertoire. One of her favorites is "Take me out to the ball game," for which she will sing on cue and with vigor.

Recently, at a friend's birthday party, I was able to catch it on video. I love her sweet little voice and how she puts so much power behind certain points of the song. Also, with a party going on in the background, you can see she gets a little distracted toward the end (and is in a big hurry to "take off" in her car after her performance). Pretty cute.

Lastly, although she doesn't do it here, she usually ends the song with a vibrant "Play Ball." I think Daddy has trained
her well. :o)
Enjoy and watch often....I know I have!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Making a Girls Day - Part 2

Aug 08 I must say...I'm a lucky girl!  I have some really wonderful friends.  The other day I received ANOTHER sweet handmade card in the mail.  This card was from my dear old friend, Jen, (not old in age, old in length of friendship)  from my Jacobson's days.   How darling is this card??  The first sentence reads "Just a personal note to make you happy."  Well, let me tell you, it really did.  And more than that, receiving the card has inspired me to "pay it forward" and I will be sending out personal notes to loved ones this weekend.  If I can make someone smile as much as these notes have made me smile, I'll be a happy girl.

Thanks Jen for the beautiful note.  I really love it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, Avery

IMG_0129 copy4


You are such a wonderful, sweet little girl.  It is such a joy watching you grow up.  It's great to see you learn new things, play with other little kids and enjoy life.  You have the best laugh of any child I've ever heard and it always makes me smile.

I love that you love dresses and shoes and playing in Aunt Beckie's closet.  I'm so glad your mom won't mind if we go school shopping together someday...although I think she will have to put me on a budget!  Hey, I can spoil you a little, can't I?  Last, but surely not least - I am so happy that you love playing with Barbie's.  I cannot believe my fortune....two nieces that love Barbie's!  Now I don't need an excuse to play dress up with those pretty things.

Well beautiful Avery, I hope you have a wonderful birthday.  Can't wait to see you and give you a BIG birthday hug and kiss.

Love you! 

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Precious Lilly Pages

A while back, I wrote about the day my sister and I took Lilly out for a photo shoot at the Wilson Barn and shared a few of the beautiful photos Wendie took.  I thought you might like to see the scrapbook layouts I did recently with them.  The first one below I love because it looks like she's got her eyes right on the birdie in the corner, who happens to be carrying a pretty accurate message!  I also tried something new with the embroidery along the top and bottom and the string for the note.   

A Natural Beauty

And I think I may frame this one of her little feet.  I just love everything about it, the colors, the letters, the papers and the transparency at the bottom with the pretty pink flourishes.  I think it all ties in perfectly with the photo.  So pretty!   

Sweet Little Shoes At Play

Friday, July 25, 2008

Making a Girls Day

Beckie 894

I received the most delightful surprise in the mail the other day - this sweet card from my friend Julie.  In her note, she tells me that she read my blog a few weeks back, so wanted to send me a handmade note.  Honestly, it brought tears to my eyes to receive such a thoughtful and unexpected treat all the way from Washington. 

Julie also mentioned that this was the first card she had made in a long time and thanked me for the inspiration - and you know inspiring someone to scrap makes me smile!  I hope this blog inspires someone else to send a personal note to somebody they care about.  It means so much and we just don't do it often enough anymore.

Thank you so much, Julie.  To say that you made my day is an understatement.  You made my month!   

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Lovin'

Last weekend, Jay and I spent a jam-packed couple of days celebrating the love of some pretty special people in our lives.  The weekend started with Neil and Lindsay's wedding on Friday night.  Neil is a co-worker of mine    and his wedding has been a much anticipated event for many months (as you can see by the joyous Neil and Lindsaylooks on my co-workers faces in this photo).  The wedding was beautiful and full of personal touches from the bride and groom.  Their first dance was to "I'm Your's" by Jason Mraz.  I love that song (I'm listening to it now) and they had fun dancing to it....such a fun couple.   Beckie and JayAll of us had a great time and hardly left the dance floor....especially Michelle's husband Cary.  Let's just say when Cary is around splits are involved, it's not something to miss!

Congratulations Neil and Lindsay!


Saturday was when the real craziness began.  I started my day at Emily and Andy's wedding shower in Huntington Woods.  Andy is a longtime friend of ours and Jay is a groomsmen in the wedding, taking place in August.  Emily's shower was planned to be a garden party outside, but storms quickly moved the shower inside.  Boo.  I was disappointed for her, but she was a great sport and the event was lovely anyway.

Wendie and Beckie Following the shower, I went home to collect my husband and we headed to New Boston for Joey and Chicki's Michigan wedding reception.  Jay and I attended their wedding in Savannah, GA on March 1.  Their wedding in Savannah was a breathtaking traditional Indian ceremony.  Beck and Jay Today they were celebrating with friends and family that couldn't attend the Savannah event.  They were certainly blessed with two beautiful days to celebrate their union.  I love this picture of my sister and me...she looks so pretty in her summery yellow top. 

Paula and Brian Our last stop of the day was to Howell for Brian and Paula's 10th anniversary bash.  Jay and Brian have known each other most of their lives, playing hockey together since they were 10 years old.....all the way to Western Michigan University.  As a matter of fact, Brian and Paula met at a party Jay had at his house at Western.  Paula surprised Brian with a LIVE band, Kung Fu Diesel, that performed on their back deck!  The picture above is a little dark, but you can see the band in the background.  It was incredible.  The band was great and Paula and I could not be pulled off the "dance floor."  I'm sure it had nothing to do with the evening's popular drink of choice, which we both (and many others) enjoyed very much.  The drink was "Sip and Get Naked" (I will remain mum on whether this worked for anyone at the party.....what happens at Paula and Brian's, stays at Paula and Brian's - ha!) and is made of equal parts Grey Goose, beer, water and frozen lemonade.  Yummy!

Jay, Beckie, Paula, BrianWithout a doubt, I had more fun at this party then I've had in a long time.  From the LIVE band, to Brian's guided twilight pontoon rides, to dancing till dawn, it was GREAT.  Most of all, it was great to hang out with two wonderful friends, celebrating 10 years of happiness together.  Congratulations Paula and Brian!  You're a beautiful couple.

Ok, so this is officially the longest blog I've ever written.  It breaks all blog rules.  But it was that kind of weekend - so I couldn't skip a thing.       

Saturday, July 5, 2008

American Gothic

This layout makes me laugh and seemed appropriate to post this weekend.  The bottom photo was taken at my friends wedding.  The photographer was taking creative and amusing candids of guests and asked us to make this serious pose.  When we got the photo back we laughed hysterically, thinking we looked like the couple in the classic American Gothic painting.  So, having a little fun with Photoshop....we were the American Gothic couple. 

New Image

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Elsie - Recipe #2

After a crazy busy week, I was finally able to sneak a little time to scrap this weekend.  I decided to pull out another recipe from the Elsie box, since she makes it so easy and I didn't have much time. 

I used the "Love Me Some Freddie" card from the Music section.  Elsie's inspiration for this layout was Freddie Mercury from Queen.  Her designer tip: Create a layout about a favorite music icon.   

Beckie 392 As always, her layout was fun and colorful.  So, I was inspired by the idea and using great bold colors - which seemed fitting with a music themed piece.  In addition to Elsie's recipe, I drew inspiration from this greeting card that I found at a boutique in Savannah a few months ago.  The colors are so vibrant and I love the white floral embellishment creeping in off of the edge of the card. 

For my version of the layout, I chose not to focus on a music icon, but rather an "Idol."  During this past season of American Idol, I was a huge Brooke White fan.  I cheered her on each week and voted whenever I could (especially when she had a rough night).  My pal Neil from the office teased me often about this - and asked if I was planning to "scrapbook her."  At the time the answer was no, why would I do that?   But, this challenge provided the perfect opportunity that I couldn't resist.  This ones for you, Neil.      

Beckie 391