Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Idol

I was inspired to create this page because of the special bond my husband has with his nephew, Jack.  It's really wonderful to see the two of them together - to hear them talk and laugh and play.   They just really enjoy each others company.  Typically, not more than a week will go by that they don't see or talk to each other.   Jay is an amazing Uncle and tries not to miss a thing that the kids do.  He comes to most of Jack's hockey practices and rarely misses a game.  He is always there and for that I think Jack idolizes him.   I don't think there is anyone that can make him laugh quite as much - or who he wants to disappoint less - than his Uncle Jay.

The photo in the layout was taken last fall and the pictures below it were taken this past weekend (look at how much his hair has grown!) at an event at Joe Louis Arena.  They had a great time skating together and touring the Wing's locker room.  (Note: Jack really does have teeth, he just doesn't like to show them.  We think he's a little sensitive about the growing back stage)

Not only is my husband Jack's idol, but he's mine too.


In the locker room


Headed to the locker room