Monday, January 19, 2009

Canvas Collage Class

I took an art class this weekend....for the first time in years.  I signed up weeks ago after seeing a sample of the class project at Scrappy Chic and could hardly wait for Jan. 17 to arrive.  The class, Tree Canvas Collage, taught us how to create a whimsical piece of art, using vintage papers, paint and scrapbook paper.  What I loved most about this class was that it allowed me to combine all of my favorite artistic passions - painting, drawing and scrapbooking - all with a fun decoupage process.  I tend to take painting a little more seriously than scrapbooking and this project really allowed me to loosen up and take a chance with something new.         

Below is my "work of art" and a close up so you can see the detail. 

Canvas 002

Canvas 005

Below is the original work - the one that inspired me to take the class.  The artist, Erin Major, works at the store and frequently teaches classes.  She brought in a few other pieces of hers, using the same technique.  They were so great, I told her she should contact Pottery Barn Kids to sell her wares!      

untitled 1

This project has really inspired me - I have a million ideas now of ways to use this technique.  Erin is a very talented lady and I look forward to learning more from her in the future.  Thanks, Erin.   

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Elusive "Perfect Photo"

From the moment children are born into a family, they become the center of attention.  Understandably so - they are small, sweet, cute and usually pretty funny.  They really become our best source of entertainment - often being put on display or asked to perform on cue.  We perpetuate this by asking them to pose for countless photos and expecting perfection.  Funny thing is, with children's pictures, you rarely get perfect.  We forget how awkward it might be for them to have adults herding them like cattle, barking at them to smile, stand up straight, look this way or that way, hug their sister - sheesh!    

Believe me, I am guilty as charged.  I'm always trying to capture the perfect photo of my precious nieces and nephew.  As I looked through my recent Christmas photos, I realized that they are hardly perfect, but they are a perfect representation of these wonderfully funny kids.  The pictures capture a moment in the time of their lives - Jack is at a stage where he hates pictures and often tries to hide his missing front teeth (and we want nothing more than to see them), Avery likes to model and often "overposes," and Lilly is so used to having her picture taken that she wants to look anywhere BUT the camera and often puts her hands in her face.   All of that is who they are and part of what makes the pictures "perfect."   And, they make me laugh every time I look at them.  What could make a picture more "perfect" than that? 

Holiday's 08 014

Holiday's 08 015

Holiday's 08 020

 Holiday's 08 011XMAS 1

family pic