Monday, January 19, 2009

Canvas Collage Class

I took an art class this weekend....for the first time in years.  I signed up weeks ago after seeing a sample of the class project at Scrappy Chic and could hardly wait for Jan. 17 to arrive.  The class, Tree Canvas Collage, taught us how to create a whimsical piece of art, using vintage papers, paint and scrapbook paper.  What I loved most about this class was that it allowed me to combine all of my favorite artistic passions - painting, drawing and scrapbooking - all with a fun decoupage process.  I tend to take painting a little more seriously than scrapbooking and this project really allowed me to loosen up and take a chance with something new.         

Below is my "work of art" and a close up so you can see the detail. 

Canvas 002

Canvas 005

Below is the original work - the one that inspired me to take the class.  The artist, Erin Major, works at the store and frequently teaches classes.  She brought in a few other pieces of hers, using the same technique.  They were so great, I told her she should contact Pottery Barn Kids to sell her wares!      

untitled 1

This project has really inspired me - I have a million ideas now of ways to use this technique.  Erin is a very talented lady and I look forward to learning more from her in the future.  Thanks, Erin.   


wdelanophoto said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sister! I think you need to make me something to hang in Lilly's room...soon to be the kids room :0)

Chris Nicholson said...

I love the way your canvas came out! It looks great! I still have to figure out a design for my own on a huge canvas.

EmDee said...

I love these too! Totally saleable, friend, as is most of your stuff. Really cute.

wdelanophoto said...

I was just thinking...if you are having trouble thinking of where to hang this, there is a nice empty wall in Lilly/future sib room just waiting for something pretty like this :0)

Staci Compher said...

love how yours turned out!!! I had a blast at class too...can't wait to decoupage...something else!!