Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Idol

I was inspired to create this page because of the special bond my husband has with his nephew, Jack.  It's really wonderful to see the two of them together - to hear them talk and laugh and play.   They just really enjoy each others company.  Typically, not more than a week will go by that they don't see or talk to each other.   Jay is an amazing Uncle and tries not to miss a thing that the kids do.  He comes to most of Jack's hockey practices and rarely misses a game.  He is always there and for that I think Jack idolizes him.   I don't think there is anyone that can make him laugh quite as much - or who he wants to disappoint less - than his Uncle Jay.

The photo in the layout was taken last fall and the pictures below it were taken this past weekend (look at how much his hair has grown!) at an event at Joe Louis Arena.  They had a great time skating together and touring the Wing's locker room.  (Note: Jack really does have teeth, he just doesn't like to show them.  We think he's a little sensitive about the growing back stage)

Not only is my husband Jack's idol, but he's mine too.


In the locker room


Headed to the locker room

Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Been TOOOOO Long!

So the other day I was talking to a new colleague of mine who said "Hey, I really like your blog."  Flattered of course, I said thanks and appreciated that he had taken the time to look at it.  He even said his 12-year-old daughter liked it as she had recently taken up scrapbooking.  Then it hit me.  I had not posted a new blog entry in a really long time....months in fact.  Some blogger I am!  Truth be told, I've been so busy with work and redecorating my bedroom that I haven't found much time to scrap or blog. 

I aim to change that beginning today.  This is just a quick entry with a couple of new pages of Lilly.  First one is a silly picture that my sister took of her - I just love it.  The second are pictures of her baking for her Daddy - she pronounces Cupcakes "Pupcakes," and always calls her dad "My Daddy."  It's important to capture these funny little things about kids.....they change so fast.  I can only imagine what its like to be a parent watching your children grow up so fast.

Off for now...promise I'll be back soon. 

Goofy Girl


Monday, May 18, 2009

Scrappy Chic - Mega Meet Designs

The weekend of May 8 and 9 brought the long-awaited Scrapbook Mega Meet at Rock Financial Showplace.  And I'm not kidding when I say long-awaited.  I and my friends look forward to this event every year...I've even been known to plan vacations around it!   Well....this year, I had to miss it.  I had a great time traveling to NYC for a conference (I'll post on that trip soon), but I was so disappointed to miss out on my favorite event. 

Although I wasn't able to be there in person, my work was on display at the Scrappy Chic booth.  My sweet friends took photos of the booth and emailed them to me, so I was able to live vicariously through them while listening to seminars at the conference.  See below for the layouts and photos of the display:  1.) Lilly 2.) Owen 3.) My Aunt Lee & Uncle Al 4.) Me in Greektown 5.) My Dad's Cousin Janet 6.) My Grandpa headed to work in downtown Detroit 7.) My Aunt Lee on her honeymoon in Mackinac Island 8 &9.) Display photos.

Lilly - Desk

Smile Baby Boy

Mr & Mrs


Girls - Beauty Rest copy

Beckie's pics 081

Beckie's pics 086



Sunday, April 12, 2009

A New Day

I can hardly believe my nephew Owen is almost two months old already.  He is getting so big, alert, expressive and smiley.  I loved snuggling with him today, his first Easter.  Although he didn't understand all the fun his sister, Lilly, was having searching for Easter eggs today....he will next year.

Yesterday I finally had the chance to relax and get some scrapping done.  I created this page that tells the story of Owen's birthday (see below to read the journaling on the page).  My sister took this amazing photo of Owen a few weeks ago.  I added the butterfly....which reflects a little someone watching over him. 

A New Day

On February 17, 2009, I was blessed with a beautiful new nephew to cherish and love.

Owen Raymond was born on a pretty significant day - and Wendie and I don't think its any coincidence.

For months as we anticipated the baby's arrival, we hoped it wouldn't come on this day.  Any day but that one.  And then it happened.  Wendie's water broke on the morning of Feb. 17 - the 5th Anniversary of our dads passing.

We allowed ourselves a tearful moment and then focused on the blessing that was on its way.  What we realized later was that we had a new reason to smile on Feb. 17.  It can no longer be a day of sadness, but instead will be filled with joy as we celebrate Owen's birthday every year.....and know that he is a gift from our dad.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Design Team LO's - March

I finally finished my March Design Team pages this weekend.  Hoping to get my busy schedule under control soon so I can keep on track. 

I was excited to have two new sources of inspiration this month - my nephew, Owen, and friends Joe and Chicki.  Owen was born in February and I just printed a ton of photos of you'll be seeing a lot more of him!  Joe and Chicki were married last year in Savannah.  This photo of them is breathtaking and brings back memories of a very special day.  Lastly, I took this sweet picture of Avery in my backyard.  She is such a beautiful little lady and this shot captures a very natural expression of hers.  I love it. 

Have a great week. 

Golden Girl

Baby Love1


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Design Team LO's - February

Just a quick post to highlight my first Scrappy Chic Design Team submissions.  They are now on display at the store and exciting! 

I really enjoyed the first project "Vintage Charm" as I was challenged to use ribbon in my LO.   Here, I decided to frame the photo by looping this pretty ribbon all the way around.  It took forever, but I love the way it turned out.  It was pretty easy too.

I'm almost finished with my March entries, so I'll have those posted soon. 

Beckie 3 copy

Beckie Thompson 20 copy

Beckie 15 copy

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fashion Quote Series

Warning, this post may be a little "me" overload.  I've been working on a fashion quote series of LO's and I'm really proud of them.  For a while there, life was a little hectic with a busy work schedule and personal life and I wasn't feeling very inspired.  As most of you know, the art of fashion is my first love, so I decided to get back into my scrapbook groove by focusing on fashion.  Designer quotes became the focus of my pages, along with photos my sister took of me in downtown Detroit (and my most cherished photo of Nana).  Following are a few of my favorites from the series. 

Beckie 7 copy

 Beckie 6 copy

Beckie 8 copy

Beckie 11 copy

Beckie 4 copy

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Scrappy Chic Design Team!

I'm a bit delayed in blogging about some terrific news.  I've been selected to be a part of Scrappy Chic's Design Team!   The team was announced on Feb. 4 and I am thrilled, honored and humbled to have been chosen.  I hear that the store received a great amount of wonderful submissions that made the choice a difficult one to make. 

We had our first team meeting last week and are well on our way to creating our first batch of layouts/projects for the store.  It was great getting to know the rest of the team (Staci Compher, Kim Galea and Michelle Leaf-Racelis) who each have a unique style of their own.  I was certainly inspired by their work, so I know you will be too. 

The layouts that I submitted for the Design Team call are below.  The first is my favorite because I adore this photo of Lilly (taken by her mommy, Wendie DeLano).  I also used one of my favorite techniques, handmade flowers crafted from torn paper.  The second was inspired by a Vera Wang advertisement (I often take inspiration from magazine ads) and I love the soft color and pattern mixing.  The message is beautiful too.  The third is probably the farthest from my scrap style (a challenge to use chipboard).  I worked really hard to mesh my style into it and I was really happy with the result.  Also, I love the photo of Avery that I took in my backyard this summer.  It brings back memories of a fun day with her and how much she loved wearing the pretty dress I bought for her, even playing soccer in it!  

I'll keep you posted on my monthly contributions to the Design Team. 

Pages 004

 Pages 002

Pages 007

Monday, January 19, 2009

Canvas Collage Class

I took an art class this weekend....for the first time in years.  I signed up weeks ago after seeing a sample of the class project at Scrappy Chic and could hardly wait for Jan. 17 to arrive.  The class, Tree Canvas Collage, taught us how to create a whimsical piece of art, using vintage papers, paint and scrapbook paper.  What I loved most about this class was that it allowed me to combine all of my favorite artistic passions - painting, drawing and scrapbooking - all with a fun decoupage process.  I tend to take painting a little more seriously than scrapbooking and this project really allowed me to loosen up and take a chance with something new.         

Below is my "work of art" and a close up so you can see the detail. 

Canvas 002

Canvas 005

Below is the original work - the one that inspired me to take the class.  The artist, Erin Major, works at the store and frequently teaches classes.  She brought in a few other pieces of hers, using the same technique.  They were so great, I told her she should contact Pottery Barn Kids to sell her wares!      

untitled 1

This project has really inspired me - I have a million ideas now of ways to use this technique.  Erin is a very talented lady and I look forward to learning more from her in the future.  Thanks, Erin.   

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Elusive "Perfect Photo"

From the moment children are born into a family, they become the center of attention.  Understandably so - they are small, sweet, cute and usually pretty funny.  They really become our best source of entertainment - often being put on display or asked to perform on cue.  We perpetuate this by asking them to pose for countless photos and expecting perfection.  Funny thing is, with children's pictures, you rarely get perfect.  We forget how awkward it might be for them to have adults herding them like cattle, barking at them to smile, stand up straight, look this way or that way, hug their sister - sheesh!    

Believe me, I am guilty as charged.  I'm always trying to capture the perfect photo of my precious nieces and nephew.  As I looked through my recent Christmas photos, I realized that they are hardly perfect, but they are a perfect representation of these wonderfully funny kids.  The pictures capture a moment in the time of their lives - Jack is at a stage where he hates pictures and often tries to hide his missing front teeth (and we want nothing more than to see them), Avery likes to model and often "overposes," and Lilly is so used to having her picture taken that she wants to look anywhere BUT the camera and often puts her hands in her face.   All of that is who they are and part of what makes the pictures "perfect."   And, they make me laugh every time I look at them.  What could make a picture more "perfect" than that? 

Holiday's 08 014

Holiday's 08 015

Holiday's 08 020

 Holiday's 08 011XMAS 1

family pic