Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hold on to your skinny’s!


Slim Pickings

Denim trends come and go like the wind, which is why its always good to hold on to them.  The skinny jean has been around for a few seasons now and I’ve been asked many times whether they are still on trend this fall. 



The answer is, absolutely!  While other styles like the wide-leg and flare jean might be jumping in front of them as the hottest trend, they are still strong.

In fact, Women’s Wear Daily reported recently that skinny jeans have officially crossed over from a trend to a classic, and they are here to stay.  Department stores were quoted as saying that they have become part of our everyday wardrobe.

You can be sure if major department stores consider the skinny to be a classic, you’ll find them in stores for a long time to come.   



Dark Wash

Dark wash skinny’s are the most flattering in this family.  The darker the wash, the more appropriate they are for work or evening gatherings.  Pairing a heel with the dark style is also best for a sexy sleek look.

Charlize Theron looks chic and cool with her dark skinny jeans, black pumps and classic trench. 

I also adore Zoe Saldana’s ladylike look far above where she paired hers with a preppy Chanel jacket (a great look for office Friday’s).

Pair these with heels and a pretty blouse and you’ve got a perfect look for a fun date.


7 dark True relision  


Light Wash

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of light colored denim…really takes me back to a not-so-stylish time period in my life (you 30-40 something's know what I’m talking about). 

But, paired with the right top, they can work.  Cameron Diaz and Kristen Cavallari look California cool in their light wash skinny’s.

I think with these, you just have to be very careful not to look cheap, so choosing a pair that isn’t too tight and wearing with a less form fitting top are best bets.




1AA458F2hudson light 

J Brand Ankle

I love the ankle style in this jean because you can wear them with flats!  Until these came along, I didn’t own a single pair of jeans that could be worn sans heels. 

Kate Middleton looks amazing with a button down top and deck shoes with hers.  The belt really adds to the casual cool.

Ballet flats are also perfect with these.  That said, don’t be afraid to wear heels with them too  - it’ll sass em up a bit.




jbrand croppedPaige


Heels are great with skinny jeans, as long as they're not too chunky or too tall and thin.  Avoid the super tall stilettos that are higher than 4-inches.  With those rules in mind, almost any heel works.

If you’re going for a sexy look, try shiny or patent heels or a shoe with an open toe or interesting cut like Rosario Dawson.

If you want a casual, stylish look, go for a great bootie.

For a delicate, feminine flair, pair them with kitten heel sandals and an empire- waist or loose fitting top.



AG  Citizens 

1AD5007CBoots and Flats

I love wearing my skinny jeans with heels, but I adore wearing them with my riding boots.  When I wear these together, I feel instantly put together and ready to walk for miles.  It’s a great fall look and an excellent way to show off a great boot.

As mentioned earlier, simple flats are perfect for this style.  Try ballet flats with great details, metallic finishes, sequins, etc. 

For a classic look, wear them with printed canvas ballet flats, paired with a cardigan.




Current ElliotMid- High Waist

The mid-high waist versions of this jean work best for those with a little extra around the middle.  If the rise is too low, it creates a muffin-top, so depending on how much extra weight you have in this area, a higher waist will help keep everything in. 

Worn with a longer top that isn’t fitted and these allow you to enjoy this great trend too.  






Citizens highMarc Jacobs

I like to think of myself as a “trend-adapter,” rather than a “trendsetter.”  Having just recently accepted the skinny jean trend, I needed a little time to embrace it.  But now that I have, I wear them more often than not.  They are so comfy and fit with virtually any occasion - so I truly agree that they are a wardrobe staple.  My J Brand skinny’s are the best because they have a great stretch fabric that feels almost pajama-like (no, I am NOT going to try the “as-seen-on-TV” Pajama Jeans).  I also love my AG high-waisted Farrah’s that keep it all in on the days I need it.

This girl is a big fan of the skinny.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trends – Colored Jeans


Denim Hue

Colored jeans are one of the biggest trends for fall, but picking out the right pair to complement your look takes some work.  The style most associated with the trend is the skinny, but there are other options if these aren’t for you.  Keep trying until you find your fit.

LeAnn-Rimes-Lanvin-metallic-basket-sneakers1 jbrandThere is a rainbow of colored denim on the market, so which to choose?Remember that this is a fad piece of clothing and not likely one that you will wear for more than a season or two.  It’s fun and now and that's exactly how you should treat it.  Instead of splurging on several pairs, I’d recommend investing in ONE really good pair that you can wear to death while they are hot.  Pick the best color for you and be sure to wear them in a variety of ways – dressing up and down.  

Not surprising, red denim is seemingly the hottest hue – especially amongst the Hollywood set like Ashley Greene and Leann Rimes, shown here sporting sexy and casual looks.  Below are two styles I found at Shopbop that I really like.    

 wrast4002819463 sbcitiz4007312181 sb

Former Rachel Zoe Project star, stylist Brad Goreski, partnered with J Brand to share styling tips for colored denim – I love the way he styled this red pair. 


1310490969_malin-akerman-lg r & b



If red denim seems a little risqué for you, try easing into this trend with blue or green.  These shades are the closest to standard denim and may give you the confidence you need to pull off this look.   

Personally, I think the blue denim looks best paired with a sleek black jacket and heels, but I’ve also seen them paired with casual white tees and summer sandals for a chic day look.



jbran4005712510_p1_1-0_254x500 sbanthro 2rgjea4010711078_p1_1-0_254x500



I adore the softness of pink denim.  Whether a pale shade as seen on Rachel Bilson above, or a darker color as shown at Anthropologie to the left, there is something very romantic and sweet about them. 

I think both of these looks have an unexpected style that really works.  It reminds me to think out of the box when I’m putting things together.  If you have the style to rock colored denim, show us what you’ve got and get creative with how you wear it. 


rskin4003112646_p1_1-0_254x500rgjea4002412774_p2_1-0_254x500anthro pilcro

ragandboneparty1 - Anna Kendrick

B20471538_030_eFor some reason, I have always been drawn to the color green.  So, I wasn’t surprised that I stopped and stared when I came across these sassy green jeans recently at Anthropologie.  The perfect shade to be paired with a chic blouse…or perhaps a white top to cheer for the Michigan State Spartans (sorry….had to). 

I was thrilled to get a few Anthro gift cards for my birthday this weekend and I just might make the splurge on these. 


joesj4012115185_p2_1-0_254x500anthro AG denimcurnt4010712498_p1_1-0_254x500


eliz and james shop bopI love the color yellow and so wish it loved me back.   While it isn’t meant for this pearly white skin, it sure sparkles on Jada Pinkett Smith.  She looks sporty cool while catching a Lakers game.

I think the Elizabeth and James cargo style skinny’s are a great alternative to the brighter yellow shade above.  These have a golden tone that offer a richness that may help extend their trend life. 

If yellow is your color, you might lean in this direction if experimenting with color.





Oh Fergie, the trendsetter.  Who else could get away with wearing two of the most daring trends in years - high-waisted and colored denim!  I wouldn’t recommend trying this one at home, but I will say that the patent belt helped break up this look to make it doable.  


So, are you sold on colored denim yet?  If you’re thinking of giving it a try,   J Brand offers a wide selection of colors and is the style you’ve seen most often on celebs.  Rag & Bone also has a great silhouette and a variety of colors.  I’ve found that the easiest place to shop for colored denim is through Shopbop, where you can search by “Colored Denim,” brand, price, etc.  You can also “heart” your favorites so you can come back later after getting through them all. (Remember to click on any of the photos in this post to link directly to the site to find them)  

Following are a few final tips on wearing colored denim:  

  • Adults that typically air on the conservative side may want to avoid bright denim and opt for colors that are deeper and darker.  These shades are more likely to go with other things in your closet and may be more flattering on you. 
  • Colored denim in the skinny style is a dramatic look.  If you’re not sure you’re that daring, you may want to try a less extreme look with a boot or flared leg.  This style balances out a woman's hips and behind because it doesn't come down into a tapered look. 
  • Neutral colors complement colored jeans – Head to toe is too strong.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Beloved Jean

1A9B4908 “Jeans represent freedom; they signify democracy in fashion.” Giorgio Armani

Is there any greater fashion joy than finding the perfect pair of jeans?  The right pair can make you feel taller, sexier and yes, even happier.  I think every woman struggles with finding the right pair for her body or in determining if new trends will work for her.  Research shows that the number of jeans most women own is ten and the number they actually wear is 3.  Proof that we aren’t buying the RIGHT jeans.  A little advance research and an awareness of your body type can save you lots of time and frustration in the fitting room. 

genetic denim - shopbop

I read somewhere once that jeans are like friends: Choose them wisely and they’ll cover your ass, make you look good, and last a lifetime.  

My next several posts will focus on jeans – covering trends, where to shop, how to care for them and more.  Today, let’s talk fit.

How do you find the perfect pair of jeans?  How do you know what’s “right” for you?  Well, you’ve got to start with knowing your body.  Understand your problem areas (duh, who doesn’t?) and know what areas you want to emphasize. (sometimes having a booty isn’t a bad thing).  Once you find a brand that works for loyal to them.  They will likely always be your friend.

Joes shopbop skinny


JOE’s Jeans (featured here) work great for the girl with a fuller bottom or curvier hips.  They have a contoured waistband so they won’t gap in the back and they fit well in the hips, thighs and butt. 

butt shopbop joesAlso try DL1961, Henry & Belle, Lauren Ralph Lauren and Cj by Cookie Johnson, a line that was made for curves. 



Littleinthe middlePear shape:

Little in the Middle jeans are great for wide hips.   The waist is one size smaller than the hips, so they’re good for curvy and pear shapes.  Lucky Brand Jeans also makes a few styles that fit this figure type.  They balance wide hips and a generous backside with boot-cut legs.

  1. Styles to consider - A relaxed boot-cut is very flattering as is the 70’s cut for graceful proportions.
  2. Remember, faded patterns distract the eye, while dark washes put the spotlight up top.

JBrand mid rise straight leg - shopbop



Most skinny cuts will work on the boyish figure (no curves), but I really like J Brand.  They run extra-slim through the leg and have a soft comfortable feel.  Another favorite is James Jeans.  They may be the most flattering jeans I’ve ever owned and are always my go-to staple. 

Other brands to try: Paige Denim and  American Eagle Outfitters.




AG - shopbop petite



Jeans are so long these days that I often think about the petite gals and their struggles to not only find a pair that works…but then to find a good seamstress to tailor them.  Ugh. 

Several designers have come to the rescue by making versions of their best sellers with shorter inseams.  James Jeans “Twiggy” skinnies come in a 29” inseam and AG Adriano Goldschmied also makes great petites.  Retailers like the Gap and Ann Taylor also cover the shorter gals.



Hudson shopbopTall:

I’m an average tall girl, with long legs…so I’m often searching for the perfect length.  One of my favorite jeans in the world is Hudson for that reason.  They are GREAT for the tall girl AND they have a great backside (see right).  For the super tall lady, Hudson’s Signature Supermodel jean has an extra-long 36” inseam.  J Brand also has a longer inseam style.  Retailers like Express and the Gap make a 34” inseam too.  Note:  Tall girls should not wear capris!  Long legs are the center of attention in structured, trouser-style blues. 



Jag Jeans - NordstromPlus-size:

As with petites, many designers have embraced “special” sizes and have finally started offering styles for the normal sized girl. 

DKNY Jeans are on-trend and come in a wide range of sizes.  Old Navy also has a special plus size section.  Plus size gals should look for clean lines and a straight fit through the leg.  A darker rinse is very flattering. 



Levi's slight curve skinny

Levi’s Curve ID:

The jean experts at Levi came up with a genius idea to getting the perfect fit.  They introduced Curve ID, designed according to shape, not size. 

Have hips or a butt?  Get an instant lift with the Demi Curve.  If you’re straight-figured, the Slight Curve creates a feminine silhouette.  Bold Curve hugs without gaping for the girl with wider hips and a smaller waist. 


 Demi straight curve Bold curve boot cut

So, what if you’re not sure what your “body type” is?  Here are a few tips to remember when you’re in the fitting room: 

  1. Waist: Check that the waistband sits comfortably and that your stomach doesn't spill over.   Then bend and reach for your toes.  If you're showing too much skin in the back, look for a higher waistband.
  2. Rise – A mid rise works for most figures, lower works on short torsos, and higher is great on long legs. 
  3. Butt – Try on a pair that feels like it fits, then walk, sit down, stand back up, and take a second look.  There shouldn't be any bunching or sagging.  If there is, this jean will look terrible after a few hours of wear. 
  4. Inseam – Jeans you plan to wear with flats should break anywhere between just below the ankle and right above the ground.  Jeans you wear with heels should be long enough to cover the back of shoes.

What’s in a pocket?  The way a jean pocket falls on your behind may be THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you look for in a jean.  Let’s face it, a friend once told me that when a guy say’s “Nice Jeans,” he doesn't mean he likes your jeans.  Nothing accentuates the bottom on a jean like the pockets.  Most brands have a signature pocket, like Hudson, 7 for All Mankind and True Religion.  Find the one that makes your rear view shine and you’ve got your forever jean.  For me….it’s Hudson and James Jeans.  They have never failed me and I will never fail them.  Here are a few pocket tips:

  • Flap pockets: The extra fabric adds volume, which amps up small backsides
  • High pockets: Placed closer to the yoke, they draw the eye up
  • Far apart: Wide-set pockets create curves by giving the illusion of fuller hips.
  • Low pockets: Pockets that sit low draw the eye down, which can make your butt look bigger.
  • No pockets: A blank back highlights imperfections and leads to a wider-looking behind.  Avoid at all costs. 

Hudson 7  True relision

Look for more information on jeans in my next few posts.  Ultimately, the best way to look great in your blues is to feel confident.  A good fit will help create that confidence, so don't be afraid to spend time finding the right style for you.  Jeans are worth the time.