Sunday, April 12, 2009

A New Day

I can hardly believe my nephew Owen is almost two months old already.  He is getting so big, alert, expressive and smiley.  I loved snuggling with him today, his first Easter.  Although he didn't understand all the fun his sister, Lilly, was having searching for Easter eggs today....he will next year.

Yesterday I finally had the chance to relax and get some scrapping done.  I created this page that tells the story of Owen's birthday (see below to read the journaling on the page).  My sister took this amazing photo of Owen a few weeks ago.  I added the butterfly....which reflects a little someone watching over him. 

A New Day

On February 17, 2009, I was blessed with a beautiful new nephew to cherish and love.

Owen Raymond was born on a pretty significant day - and Wendie and I don't think its any coincidence.

For months as we anticipated the baby's arrival, we hoped it wouldn't come on this day.  Any day but that one.  And then it happened.  Wendie's water broke on the morning of Feb. 17 - the 5th Anniversary of our dads passing.

We allowed ourselves a tearful moment and then focused on the blessing that was on its way.  What we realized later was that we had a new reason to smile on Feb. 17.  It can no longer be a day of sadness, but instead will be filled with joy as we celebrate Owen's birthday every year.....and know that he is a gift from our dad.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Design Team LO's - March

I finally finished my March Design Team pages this weekend.  Hoping to get my busy schedule under control soon so I can keep on track. 

I was excited to have two new sources of inspiration this month - my nephew, Owen, and friends Joe and Chicki.  Owen was born in February and I just printed a ton of photos of you'll be seeing a lot more of him!  Joe and Chicki were married last year in Savannah.  This photo of them is breathtaking and brings back memories of a very special day.  Lastly, I took this sweet picture of Avery in my backyard.  She is such a beautiful little lady and this shot captures a very natural expression of hers.  I love it. 

Have a great week. 

Golden Girl

Baby Love1