Friday, September 19, 2008

Lilly's First Day of Pre-School

Sept 08 339 Lilly had a big day this week....her first day of pre-school.  My sister invited me to come along, for support and to take pictures.  When they arrived to pick me up, Lilly came knocking at my door with such a sweet smile and excitement to start school.  She looked ADORABLE in a pretty pink dress with a big apple on the side and a cute floral backpack over her shoulders. 

When we arrived at the school, she couldn't wait to go in.  She rushed over to the window (the school is in the church basement, so she could see in) and peered in, saying "Oh look at all ob the toys in dere."  Oh dear, she started dancing with glee and headed straight for the door.  

Sept 08 335Here, she anxiously tries to get in...but the doors are locked and she has to wait just a few more minutes. 

When we entered the room, she wasn't quite sure where to begin...coloring, playing with sand, painting, playing with dolls.  What a day!

I took many more great photos on Wendie's camera...hoping to scrap them this weekend.

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