Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Scrapbook League

I'm so excited that our fall scrapbook league at Scrappy Chic has started!  You may remember me blogging about league last fall, but for those who don't, it goes something like this:  Scrapbook League is a little like bowling league in that each hour counts for a frame.  At the end of each hour, we receive points for the number of layouts completed.  Additional points are earned if we meet the challenge set at the beginning of the day.  It's a lot of fun and naturally great regular bonding time with the girls.

This season we have changed our name as our group is growing in number and we will eventually split off into two teams.  Our name this year is S*W*A*K (Scrapped with a Kiss) and we will wear team aprons (photos to come).  Thanks to Chicki for coming up with our cute name.

We won't receive official scores until the next league day, but the layouts I completed this week are below.  For the first one, I used a kit from SIS TV.  I was inspired by the "What'll You Have" coaster and decided to use these great photos of Jay playing bartender to our cat at the old house.  Classic funny pictures.  The second was based on the league challenge of the day which was to create a layout using mostly pink, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.  I love this photo of Lilly and me on the beach and thought the paper complimented it beautifully.  

Enjoy these, I'll be sure to post my work after each league.

Jay's Lounge 


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Max said...

I hope that Neil and I can do some "tailgating" for at least a couple events! We can make posters and cheer you and your fellow scrappers on. Keep me posted on some dates that would work.