Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Farewell Paul Newman

Farewell Blue Eyes

Oh how I adored this man.  Not only did I admire his stunning face (I have often said that even in his 80's he was the most handsome man on the planet), but from my perspective he was an incredible human being.  As noted in this CBS News story, he had a soft spot for underdogs in real life, giving tens of millions of dollars to charities through his food company and setting up camps for severely ill children.  He was a man that made things happen, selflessly, for others and whose charm and wit effected millions of people. 

After learning of his death last week, I was compelled to pay tribute to him with this page.  To the left of the movie reel at the top is a list of some of my favorite films of his.  And the photo...well its breathtaking. 

Farewell, Blue Eyes.  You will be missed. 


EmDee said...

Ugh, that photo. . . I mean, seriously. I share your sentiments, Becks!

Amy said...

beautiful page!