Friday, October 17, 2008

A Scrapbook Injury?

Yep, its true.  I believe I have suffered my first scrapbook related injury.  A week or so ago, I was working on a layout with intricate cut-out detail.  I spent a great deal of time cutting out tree branches and leaves and flowers, to create a beautiful effect that seemed to pop off the page.  Trouble is when I removed the scissors from my hand there was a dent on my thumb where the scissors once were.  Yikes.  My thumb was a little numb for a while and still is quite sensitive to the touch.  I'm pretty sure I have suffered nerve damage.  :o)  My point to this story?  Scrapbooking is a tough sport - boys would never be able to handle it. 

Below is the page in which I speak.  The photos of Lilly were taken last fall on a "family reunion" trip to Colorado.  She was having fun playing with her little cousins - and looked pretty darn cute in her pigtails. 

It was worth losing a functional thumb over, wouldn't you say? 

Our Heartstring


Karen said...

Great layout and well worth the injury, I think.

EmDee said...

That is GORGEOUS, Becks. Truly. You are so very, very talented.