Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Momma!

Today is a big day for a pretty young girl I mom!  Birthday's are a pretty special occasion in my family, because my mom has always made sure of it.  Being a twin, I've always shared my birthday....but my mom makes sure each of us always feel special on our big day.  Every birthday, she makes our favorites - her special "Little Chicken's" and "Chocolate Cherry Cake."  She also goes a million extra miles to get us the most special birthday gifts that are always beautifully wrapped.  Honestly, I think I love my birthday so much because of her.

Momma (remember when I used to call you that?), I wish I could make you feel as special on your birthday as you always do for me.  I hope this little note puts a smile on your face and lets you know that I love you very much. 

A while back, I made this scrapbook page about us, so I thought I would post it today.  As they say...we kinda look alike.  :o)

Happy Birthday!!

They Say We Look Alike - 300


wdelanophoto said...

awwww! That brought tears to my eyes! What a beautiful layout. Gosh you and mom do look alike... Happy Birthday Momma!

MC Jaeger's Mom said...

Beckie, another beautiful page by you! I check your blog frequently because it simply makes me happy!
I also wanted to say that my mom's birthday is 8/22. Happy Birthday to our Moms!