Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day

Aug 08 054

Ah, 3 day weekends...sure do love 'em.  Since this weekend celebrates Labor Day, I thought it would be a good time to finally tell everyone that my sister is having another baby!  I'm so excited to become an auntie to another beautiful baby.

Several weeks ago, Lilly broke the news to me when she came knocking on my front door with a big smile on her face.  Her happy little voice shouted "I'm gonna be a big sister."  I leaped off of the couch with an inquisitive look to my sister....and she nodded with a smile that it was true.  Wendie is just about four months along now and looking gorgeous.  I took this photo of her last weekend, proudly showing her baby bump.  Can't wait to meet the new little one. 

Have a wonderfully relaxing holiday, everyone! 


EmDee said...

Wow, so pretty. And so happy for Wends! Miss you Miss Becks. Like crazy.

Ari Adler said...

Congrats to your family for such great news! I must say though, Beckie, it is very odd seeing YOU pregnant, only it's not you, but it looks like's messing with my head. :)

nikki said...

hello, I saw that you said you had the same dress as Elizabeth, do you mind telling me where you got it? It is SO cute. Thanks! : )

Beck on Melrose said...

Hi Nikki,

The dress is from Anthropologie - from last Spring. Hope you're able to find it.

~ Beckie