Sunday, June 29, 2008

Elsie - Recipe #2

After a crazy busy week, I was finally able to sneak a little time to scrap this weekend.  I decided to pull out another recipe from the Elsie box, since she makes it so easy and I didn't have much time. 

I used the "Love Me Some Freddie" card from the Music section.  Elsie's inspiration for this layout was Freddie Mercury from Queen.  Her designer tip: Create a layout about a favorite music icon.   

Beckie 392 As always, her layout was fun and colorful.  So, I was inspired by the idea and using great bold colors - which seemed fitting with a music themed piece.  In addition to Elsie's recipe, I drew inspiration from this greeting card that I found at a boutique in Savannah a few months ago.  The colors are so vibrant and I love the white floral embellishment creeping in off of the edge of the card. 

For my version of the layout, I chose not to focus on a music icon, but rather an "Idol."  During this past season of American Idol, I was a huge Brooke White fan.  I cheered her on each week and voted whenever I could (especially when she had a rough night).  My pal Neil from the office teased me often about this - and asked if I was planning to "scrapbook her."  At the time the answer was no, why would I do that?   But, this challenge provided the perfect opportunity that I couldn't resist.  This ones for you, Neil.      

Beckie 391

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Jodi Davis said...

Becky - LOVE YOUR SCRAPBOOKING skills! I like your choice of colors, layout, and I must say that the page dedicated to Brooke is just too cute! I'm sure Neil agrees. I've tried to scrapbook in the past and may try it again now that I have a great subject: a son who will be graduating this year! I know who to contact for ideas... can't wait to see your next project. Jodi