Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Spring

April 08 056 I received a wonderful surprise this weekend while my husband was Up North.  A knock at the door on Saturday morning brought me these beautiful flowers.  I couldn't imagine who they were from, so I was very eager to open the card.  To my delight, they were from my husband.  The hand-written card simply said "Happy Spring" and "I Love You."

I called him immediately to thank him and asked what was the occasion?  He said "I just thought you would like them." 

April 08 059  The flowers meant the world to me, but the fact that he actually stopped IN to the florist, personally picked out the flowers AND signed the card, made it that much more special. 

Thank you dear, I love you.  


Emily said...

Who loves Jay Thompson?! I do! I do!

Wendie DeLano said...

Awww...what a thoughtful husband! That is the best kind of surprise.

MC Jaeger's Mom said...

I've always liked Jay. What a nice guy you have, Beckie.