Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our Day with Lilly

IMG 7106

Last weekend when Jay was away, my sister and I spent the day together and took Lilly on a little photo shoot.  Really, we need no excuse to take pictures of this girl - I'm pretty sure we have documented every day of her life so far.  But, today we were on a mission.  As many of you know, Wendie is a photographer and she has been eager to add a blog to her photography Web site for some time.  She finally got the motivation she needed when I started my blog, so the wheels are in motion.  She wanted to include pictures of Lilly on her blog banner, so off we went to The Wilson Barn for the photo shoot. 

IMG 7084 It was the perfect day for pictures, warm and a little overcast.  The first picture here is my favorite, because as Wendie's "assistant" I was in charge of entertaining Lilly.  Here she is playing and imitating me, having a ball.  Wendie says she looks kinda like me in this one too.  That always makes me smile. 

The second picture is breathtaking.  She is sitting there so sweetly and like such a little lady.  The colors are so pretty too.  My sisters talent really inspires me and she just keeps getting better and better.

IMG 7066

This one is SO darn cute!  Lilly was very curious to see what was inside, because the last time she visited Wilson Barn (last fall!), she got to ride her first pony.  We explained that they only visit here sometimes, but she wasn't really buying it.  I really think she thought if she could reach that lock and open the door, all of the "hosey's" would come trotting out.

Last, but not least....can you take a look at these shoes!  Wendie captured this one while we were playing on the fence (ok, she was...I didn't try to test the strength of the over 100-year-old historical marker).  I love how they have a little dirt on them from all the fun we were having running around.  This day was so much fun and these photos will always remind me of it.  I'll be sure to post when Wendie's blog is live, but in the meantime, you can check out her Web site to see more of her beautiful work.IMG 7031


Emily said...

Wow, Aunt Becks! She really looks like a little lady. I LOVE her haircut and the hot pink polka dot cardi. Beautiful shots. . . so talented, your sissy is.

MC Jaeger's Mom said...

She looks like you girls. She's absolutely beautiful!

Kevin said...

Ubercute isn't even adequate to describe that little beauty. :)