Monday, April 28, 2008

My Scrapbook Shop

April 08 016 Well, I call this my scrapbook room, but my sister prefers to call it "Beckie's Scrapbook Shop," in reference to the overabundance of scrapbook goodies that I've accumulated.  I like to think of it as my very own "Candy Land," for the eye and the soul.

I feel so lucky to have this space and I adore it.  Everything has a spot - patterned paper is organized by vendor and cardstock by color.  Embellishments are all stored in their own box or drawer so they can be found quickly.  Tools, paints, stamps, inks and adhesives have their own drawers too.  All of my scrapbooks are housed in a Shabby Chic bookshelf, along with idea books and other trinkets.  A nifty container on the desk holds all of my pretty ribbons and the little box to the left is a file containing ideas that I've collected.   

April 08 024 The walls are painted a soft beige to compliment the white moldings, doors and window shutters.  Most of the furnishings in the room were found at antique stores, including the pretty pink table in the center of the room.  The chandelier is from Bellerose Antiques in Royal Oak, a store that always stocks the most unique and beautiful antique furniture pieces.

The fashion illustration print is from Henri Bendel.  I worked at the Troy store years ago and when the store closed I was able to keep this treasure.  It inspires me, so it has found the perfect home in this room.

April 08 018 Other details include the inspiration wall above my computer, where I keep meaningful photos and other things that inspire my creativity.  The flower print curtain below the computer desk hides all of the cords and additional computer equipment.  The built in bookshelf showcases photos of  loved ones, some of my favorite books, Creating Keepsakes magazines and a few decorated letter B's.


I love this room and would encourage anyone who loves this craft to carve out a space (even the smallest nook will do) in their home to dedicate to it.  Not only will it inspire you, but it will help you to be a more efficient scrapper (and don't we all need help with that?!).        


Emily said...

I love this room too, friend. You are so talented to be able to translate your beauty and skill into decor. It's a gift.

Anonymous said...

Is your room always that clean?? It's amazing how neat and tidy everything is...but I have two questions:

1. How long did it take you to clean it prior to the pictures?

2. Why doesn't your work desk look like this? ;)

All kidding aside though it looks like your own happy place and I expected nothing less of your scrap room...

MC Jaeger's Mom said...

You are an inspiration, and so is this room!