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A Handmade Holiday – Spotlight on Art


The Gift of Art

Fashion Illustration

I’ve been drawing since I was a young child and can honestly say its one of my first true loves.  I don’t get to do it nearly as often as I’d like, which is why I love admiring others work as often as I can.  Art is such a personal thing for every individual and can make the kind of present that a loved one will treasure forever.  While you’re digging deep to find a meaningful gift for someone special, consider searching through Etsy for unique artists that offer everything from original works to reproductions – something for every budget.  I’ve highlighted fashion illustrations here because I find them breathtaking and I happen to be a fan of all of the artists featured here.  Leigh Viner, Dallas Shaw and Milda Bublys are my favorites – I admire them for their work and their fashion spirit.  They’re pretty nice gals too.  Please enjoy the art below, and if you like something, click on the photo for “Where to buy.”   I’ve included a little background on the artists as well.  

Leigh Viner

Leigh Viner

This talented lady is influenced greatly by the fashion industry, which serves as the muse for much of her work.  Her interest in fashion design and the process of editorializing it, play a big part in her drawings. 

She was born and raised in Denver Colorado where she still resides. 

Find Leigh Viner’s work on her blog, Etsy and follow her on Twitter @LeighViner.


Dallas Shaw

A fashionista to the core, Dallas Shaw’s work is thoroughly fashion inspired and infused with her own feminine sense of style.
Dallas has a great understanding of designers and their brands and often  collaborates with the likes of DKNY, Dace and American Eagle - complimenting their brands with fashion sketches, custom designs and vintage wallpaper store displays.

 Dallas Shaw

In addition to her amazing art, she also is an avid blogger.  Her daily fashion finds and other musings can be found on her Dilly Dallas blog. 

You also can find her on Etsy and follow her on Twitter @dallasshaw01. 

Dallas resides in Wilmington, Delaware. 


Danny Roberts 3

Danny Roberts

Danny is an all around creative guy that is always working on creative projects, art and crafts. 
He began drawing as a young child, but only a few years ago started getting really good at it through daily practice at the craft. 

He is known to create based on designers work and even has a fancy for illustrating his favorite fashion bloggers – how do I get on that lucky list?  :o)

You can learn more about Danny on his web site Igor & Andre, find his work on Etsy and follow him on Twitter @danny_roberts.


Jessica Durrant

Jessica is a freelance artist and Art teacher in the Atlanta area. She studied painting/drawing and Illustration at Southern Utah University.

Her art is inspired by her passion for traveling, fashion design, graphic arts, vintage fashion magazines and fellow artisans.  She recently finished illustrating a children's book and is hoping that it will be published soon.  You can find Jessica’s work on Etsy.

Silver Ridge Studio

Cate Parr

Cate Parr is an artist/illustrator born and educated in England.  She is currently living in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.  She is part of a collective group of artists in LA whose passion is flea markets and all things vintage. 

Find Cate’s work on her blog and on Etsy.




Courtney is the owner, designer and illustrator of C. Whimsy Designs. 

She loves designing stationery and invitations and doing custom projects. 

Find this cool piece and many others on Courtney’s Etsy site. 




Milda Bublys


Milda Bublys

Milda Bublys is a Michigan-bred, NYC-educated, former Fashion Institute of Technology professor with a specialization in Fashion Art and Clothing Construction.

She is a woman of many talents – fashion designer (Milda Bublys Design), owner and co-designer of S&M Jewelry and a former professor at Fashion Institute of Technology

Milda is available for tutoring, teaching and lecturing/speaking engagements in the Detroit area through Spring 2011.  If interested, please contact her via her new web site The Stitch n’ Style Studio.

To see more of her illustrations or to purchase, visit her personal web site.



Linda Tinfena

I find Linda’s work to be particularly interesting because she draws on just about anything.  She especially likes to draw on discarded cardboard, lumber, airmailed envelopes and other recycled paper.  Find her work on Etsy.

Sarah Hankinson 2

Sarah Hankinson

Melbourne Illustrator, Sarah Hankinson, creates feminine yet striking works which play off broken lines and occasional splashes of color.

Sarah’s illustration style is elegant, youthful and strongly fashion orientated.  Many of her pieces focus on the female form and are made from a variety of mediums including inks, charcoal, pencils, cut paper and fabrics.  Find Sarah’s work on Etsy



Purrr 2

Jess Purser

I just love this artists work.  All of her pieces are hand-painted onto vintage book pages – and my love of scrapbooking and all things vintage really draws me to this unique style.

This original of this particular piece was hand-painted onto a vintage Dorothy Parker book page.


The holiday inspired print below was originally painted onto a 1972 French vintage book page from “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos.   Find Jess Purser’s work on Etsy.

purr 5

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christine {bijouandboheme} said...

I just found you through Leigh- I did a post on buying art for the holidays as well today- great minds! I love your focus on fashion illustration- probably my favourite type of art- I am lucky enough to have 3 pieces by Ms. Viner and I adore them. Thanks so much for introducing me to some of these other amazingly talented artists- I'm going to go check them all out- Fabulous post!!! xo