Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Handmade Holiday – Spotlight on Pillows

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 Finding the Perfect Gift

With Thanksgiving behind us, we now turn our attention to finding that perfect gift for our loved ones.  Heck, with the busy schedules we all keep, we’re lucky to find “A” gift, much less the “perfect” one.  Truth be told, it doesn’t have to be that hard.  Even if I get every item on my wish list, nothing ever compares to the presents my nieces and nephews get me from the Secret Santa Shop at school.  The vision of them picking it out special for me - all by themselves - has meaning beyond measure.  

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What makes those gifts so special is that they hold the innocence of thought behind personal giving.  Handmade gifts have a very similar effect.  Michigan is full of small, unique downtowns like Plymouth and Rochester, and bigger urban shopping districts like Royal Oak, Birmingham, Ann Arbor and our beloved Detroit.  These areas are filled with merchants whose lives are dedicated to finding those special items for you and making your holiday shopping experience pleasant and rewarding.  Yesterday was Small Business Saturday and I was inspired by the overwhelming movement to support businesses in our small towns.

etsy - livycreationKnowing some folks are better than others at selecting personal gifts, I decided to do a little digging myself.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll do my best to find hidden treasures that I know would put a smile on my face, if wrapped in a pretty box for me.  Hopefully they will provide great ideas for you (be sure to click on the photos if you like something – they will direct you where to buy).  Today, my focus is on handmade pillows all found on Etsy – but remember that if you have the time to shop your downtowns…you can find many of these types of treasures there.  I’m focusing on pillows because they can warm up a home or office and make a great, thoughtful gift. 

etsy - MyVintageBlankieAs my colleagues can attest, I have a pillow and blanket in my office and am known to use them….perhaps a pretty cot might be a good gift idea for me.  Wonder if they have any of those on Etsy?  :o)

Either of these floral inspired pillows (and the one at the top of the page) would look great in my office – everyone knows I can’t get enough of ruffles & flowers. 

Pillows are great because they can be surprisingly personal – in obvious ways like the monogrammed versions below or by simply fitting the style and color scheme of a friends home. 

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I think this pillow is simple and cool and perfect for that special someone that has an appreciation for nostalgia and vintage holiday style. 

This is a fun, “low-risk” gift because its seasonal.  The recipient will bring it out each holiday and think of you as they display it  every year. 

It’s basic, rugged style will fit any decor, giving it yet another advantage. 


etsy - redtruckdesignsFor fans of the whimsy – who doesn’t adore lovebirds?  Over the years, I’ve become as fond of them as I am of ruffles and flowers. 

I fell in love with this sweet birdcage pillow with its lovebirds giving each other a heartwarming gaze.  The handmade flower at the top and mix of pattern and color, make it extra special. 

Etsy is also filled with lots of fun pillows that kids would love.  I found these adorable little owl pillows (below) with lots of different pattern combinations.  A great solution if you have many kids to buy for and are cautious about buying them different presents (for fear they will like another's better).  Here, you can select their favorite colors and they then have a unique, but similar present. 

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And finally…for the humorous friends and family in your life – these witty little finds are sure to be a big hit and may even cause someone to take action (Door #3 please). 

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