Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fall is Coming = Summer Steals

 79.95 anthro 

Like it or not, fall is on its way!

September issues are hitting the stands full of beautiful new clothes for us to dream about.  Fall is my favorite time of year and I always enjoy making my annual “birthday wish-list,” which is timed perfectly at the beginning of the season (thanks mom).  Still though, it’s hard to fully embrace fall in August - arguably the hottest, muggiest time of year. 

anthro 79.95 What’s a girl to do? 

Run to your favorite shopping destinations and stock up on all the summer things you’ve had your eye on, but haven’t purchased yet.  Now is the time you’d really want to wear them and now they’re on sale! 

We all know that Anthropologie is my home away from home, so that’s where my sneakers are headed.  I tried this cute top on (left) a few weeks ago…it’s on sale now, so I hope they still have my size. 


anthro 39.95This pretty ruffled blouse is a great staple.  Seems like I have a few like it, but you can never have enough pretty white blouses.  They make great underpinnings or look sweet all on their own.  This one (right) is on sale for $39.95, so I better act fast.  I’d love this skirt too, but I haven’t been able to find it.  The search is on.

This purple floral top is cute too – only $49.95!

anthro 49.95 

The Gap has a million summery frocks that you can get for a steal right now.  Little dresses like this one (left) are about as effortlessly pretty as you can get.  I also adore this delicate, feminine dress from Ruche (right).

24.99 the gap

36.99 ruche

Time to stock up on all the pretty summer items before they’re gone.  Hmmm….I think I’ll get off this couch and go shopping today!

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aww..that grey ruffled my dreams..lovely!