Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Scrapbooker is Born

Picture 024

Avery shows off her new scrapbook


My niece Avery stayed with us this weekend while her brother traveled to Flint with Mom for a hockey tournament.  I took her with me to scrapbook league yesterday, her first time scrapbooking.  League can be a long day, so I was crossing my fingers that she wouldn’t get bored.  She LOVED it!  I had a feeling I had a scrapbooker on my hands when we arrived at Scrappy Chic – she got out of the car and took a picture of the store! 

By the end of the day, Avery completed 16 pages to my 2.  My friends all know that I’m not the speediest at my craft, but when Avery pointed it out to my friend she got quite a kick out of it.  I walked away from the table for a moment and Avery said to Chris, “Aunt Beckie’s really slow, but I still really like her.”  Phew!

We had a really great day together and I loved watching her select her photos, write her name, draw pictures and play with stickers.  We bought a scrapbook for her to keep all of her new pages in and she spent the entire night (and morning) looking through it.  She was so proud to show Uncle Jay and Mom too.  My favorite page of hers is the first one here, which includes a drawing of her family – Mom, Dad, Avery and her brother Jack.  There is something so eternally precious about a child's portrait of her family.

I’m looking forward to bringing my new scrapbook buddy with me again sometime.    

Picture 015

Notice all the hearts drawn around the family…..

shows how much this girl is loved.

Picture 019

Woops…I think we have a duplicate picture here, Aves.

Picture 012

She laughs every time she sees Uncle Jay’s silly face in this page. 

What a clown.

 Picture 013

She asked me to help her spell Disney World so she could write

where she was here.

Picture 014

The picture of mom and dad is a little off in timing with the Christmas pics, but she LOVES this picture and points it out every time we look at the book.  I thought the animals were a funny addition too. 

Picture 022

One of her favorite pages…..she wanted this cheetah paper more

than anything we bought that day.

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Kris said...

I love her flowery "Avery"'s written on her pages -- so fancy! What a great way to spend the day, and what a great memory for you both to share! Looks like protege to me!