Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beckie Needs a New Bag

These days, my busy job has me moving a lot – meetings at different locations, working on-site at my clients office and doing a lot of work from home.  I’m actually really enjoying the variety, but my back doesn’t share my enthusiasm.  Problem is – you know me – any ordinary black leather laptop bag won’t do.  I’m looking for a functional, professional looking bag that is also stylish.  The last word in that sentence poses the real challenge.  I called out to friends for suggestions of where to find this elusive bag.  Thanks to their great suggestions and a lot of internet research, I’ve found a few bags that I really like.  Now I need help choosing.  Each bag has a unique style and personality and I love them all.  Please take a look at my selections below and let me know your favorite:

glen ellyn detachable-wheeled women's case

#1:  McKlein USA Glen Ellyn Laptop Brief: I love the ladylike shape of this bag, especially in winter white.  It’s charming and professional.  It’s a versatile piece that features a removable wheel and handle system, so the bag can be carried over the shoulder as well.  It features an organizer section for media gadgets, a front zipper pocket for miscellaneous items, a removable laptop sleeve and a retractable handle.  My challenge with this bag is that I love it most in white, which isn’t really practical for Michigan weather (it comes in black, which is pretty but not quite the same as this one).  Also, not sure it has a lot of room to hold a laptop AND tons of files. 




#2:  Clark & Mayfield Quimby Rolling Laptop Tote:  This bag has a perfect combination of stylish quilted fabric and a beautiful blue shade (my favorite color).  It has a professional feel, but is fun and less conservative than most business bags.  It has a nylon body and rubber coating on the bottom, so it should stand the test of time with wear and tear and easy clean ups.  The interior features a handy large fan-fold section to keep files and papers organized and pockets in the front and back add extra storage.

Mellow World Lotus Rolling Laptop Bag

#3A:  Mellow World Lotus Rolling Laptop Bag in Brown:  Some might say this looks like a granny bag….but I think it has a lovely vintage style.   The tapestry fabric is different than anything else on the market.  The unique design features a large open compartment inside with one zipper pocket.   The handle stores in the zipper compartment when not in use.   While researching this bag online, I was a little disappointed with the lack of photos of the inside, so I have concerns about how much room really is inside, although its described as large and open.  As much as I love this bag, I wonder if it might be more appropriate as a handbag (the company does carry them)?   Below is the bag in a different color, which I also like.  If you choose this bag, let me know which color you like best.     Mellow World Lotus Rolling Laptop Bag

#3B:  Mellow World Lotus Rolling Laptop Bag in Beige

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