Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Birthday Boy

My nephew, Owen, turned one yesterday.  My sister, mom, Lilly and Owen met me for lunch in Greektown at Pizza Papalis and afterward we stopped in the delightful Astoria Pastry Shop for birthday treats.  Owen started walking a few weeks ago, so it was adorable to see him walking up and down the aisle, his eyes bugged out in amazement at all of the colorful desserts. 

We had a wonderful time together, but I think what means the most to me about the day is that it was all about Owen.  I woke up thinking about him and his big day and I went to sleep smiling about our fun time together.

A year ago, I hoped, but wasn’t sure what to expect of my emotions each year on this significant day.  You may remember that Owen was born on the 5th anniversary of my dads passing.  At the time, our loved ones helped us focus on the blessing of Owen’s arrival and comforted us with the thought that he would bring  new meaning to Feb. 17 – a reason to smile instead of shedding tears. 

I was certainly aware of the date yesterday and I thought of my dad often.  But I thought of him when I looked at Owen, and how much he reminds me of my dad with his blue eyes and cute little smirk…and how proud I know he would be of him, and of Wendie…who is the most wonderful, loving mother I know.  Instead of being sad, I was full of joy and pride in his legacy. 

I am so thankful, to God and my dad, for sending us this precious gift.  Owen is our treasure  - and really – could he be any cuter? 

20469_1350498812675_1537526538_30896828_6475642_n Happy Birthday, Owen!


Kris said...

No, he could not be any cuter. Beautiful post, Beckie -- what a lucky boy he is to have you for his Aunt!

Susan said...

I thought the same things on Owen's birthday. Thank you for writing such a beautiful story. When Owen grows up and reads this he will cherish it always, as I will. I love you.