Monday, June 9, 2008

Mackinac Policy Conference

Ari, Me, Eliz, John I love this time of year.  I recently returned from the Detroit Regional Chamber Mackinac Policy Conference, held each year during the last week of May.  Celebrating its 28th year, the conference is the only of its kind in the nation to gather such a diverse group of influential people, including Michigan's top business, political and community leaders.  For three days, leaders are far away from the everyday pressures of the office and are able to relax and spend time doing business the old-fashioned way - by connecting with people. 

This was my third year at the conference and professionally, probably my best yet.  I met so many interesting people and had fantastic conversations about some of my dreams to make a difference in our great state (and the City of Detroit).  I think the most powerful thing I took away from the conference, is that we all have a say in what happens here.  Clearly, the state is in trouble.  Clearly, change needs to be made.  But, lets not just sit back playing the "blame game" as to why we are in this position.  We are all leaders and can make a difference in our own way, big or small, to help turn things around.  During the long drive home, I started mentally preparing my "business plan" for the contributions I'd like to make. 

_0609095537_001 Ok, enough of my soap box for the day...but truly, inspiration is infectious, so I'm just hoping to pass along some of mine to you.  Hopefully, the 2009 conference will show a positive change in our economic future and highlight some of the great ideas that came from this years event.


Photos:  Top - My amazing co-workers: Ari, Me, Elizabeth and the wonderful John Bailey.  Bottom - Me and the lovely mommy-to-be, Emily.          

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Kevin said...

I'm glad you found it to be productive. I hope our leaders up there can find a way to be productive for our state soon!