Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wisconsin’s Jewel (and mine too)


A New Chapter Begins

When I sat down this morning to write my next post, it was taking me far too long to decide which fabulous spring trend to highlight this week.  Finally, I realized it was because my heart wasn’t in it today. 

hhhhhThis morning, I helped my very dear friend Sara pack up the last bit of belongings in her car and gave her the biggest hug ever as she began her trek home to Wisconsin.  I’m filled with happiness for her new beginning, but I admit that I will miss her terribly.     

In honor of Sara, I couldn’t think of a better topic to write about then friendship.  There are few relationships in life as rewarding as true, loving friendships.  Family, of course, is our core and we all are blessed to be given those blood ties with dads, moms, sisters, brothers and cousins.  But best friends are those that come into our lives and enrich us so greatly as human beings that we choose to make them a part of our family.  Our core. 


Sara is one of those friends for me.  She came into my life a little over six years ago when she met and married my husband’s best friend, BenqqqqWe found ourselves spending a lot of time together over the years with trips to the great North - hunting, fishing (ok…I may have stayed inside scrapbooking for that stuff), vacations, holidays and ringing in every New Year together. 

She really has become like a sister to me.


I also admire and respect her more than words can say.  Life sometimes forces change upon us that we don’t wish, expect or want, and that really understates what she has been through this last year.  She is stronger, wiser and more inspiring than she can possibly know. 

When we said our tearful goodbye this morning, it wasn’t because we were really saying goodbye.  It was because of the cherished friendship we have been so lucky to have and an expression of our gratefulness for it.  I’m thankful that only distance will separate that bond. 

Love you and miss you lots already.  XOXO   x2_3b75935

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