Thursday, March 31, 2011

Robert Graham


Transcend the Ordinary

This is my buddy, Max.  I’m not sure if Robert Graham knows it, but this guy is your biggest fan.  photoI’ve never seen a fella (ok, especially not a straight one) so devoted to a brand, the color pink and pattern mixing.  Granted, Max’s mom is a long-time employee of Neiman Marcus and has done a wonderful job exposing him to the finer things in life – but his love of these shirts is endlessly amusing to me.  It’s charming really.

As a matter of fact, it is the inspiration for my post today.  Max is my colleague at Lambert, Edwards & Associates…until the end of today that is.  This young lad is moving on to advance his career.  I’m happy for him, but admit that I’ll miss seeing his smiling face, jovial laugh….and those Robert Graham shirts.  This one’s for you, Max! _6319619

The Robert Graham brand was founded in 2001 by Robert Stock and Graham Fowler.  Stock, an award-winning American fashion designer and Fowler, an English textile designer, combined their two surnames to start the luxury label (Fowler left the company in 2002).

Since its inception, Robert Graham has captivated consumers with an aesthetic experience that pushes the boundaries of the status quo.  Each piece is an unconventional work of art designed for a confident individual that appreciates high quality craftsmanship. 


_6258249The company’s motto is –KNOWLEDGE WISDOM TRUTH.  They believe that those three words mean something different to everyone that reads them.  Since fashion also is very individual, the words embody the spirit of the collection and define their unique customer base. 

The words are so special, that they are sewn or printed into every piece – sometimes hidden, sometimes not – and Robert Graham owns the trademark.




Who is Robert Stock? 

Before starting his highly successful brand, Stock built an impressive resume in the business. 

As a kid from the Bronx, he began taking fashion cues from his dad, who had a love for beautifully tailored dress shirts.  He realized early on that he had a penchant for the Savile Row style, an influence that continues today in the Robert Graham collection through its impeccable quality, detailing and a subtle wink of British–inspired humor.


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Stock landed a partnership with Ralph Lauren — a fellow Bronx native whom he met in the mid 1960's – and collaborated with him on the successful Chaps collection.

In 2000, Stock felt there was opportunity in the men’s market to design something fresh and unique and went on to create the Robert Graham label.  When describing the line he says, "Expressing yourself without reservation, without explanation, just feeling confident.  Enjoying a life well lived.  That is my vision for Robert Graham."

In preparing for this blog, I asked Max to model one of his favorite Robert Grahams (above).  Not wanting the others to feel left out, he made them all pose for a photo themselves – some of his eclectic colors, prints and patterns proudly displayed below. 

Max – don’t let these shirts or your friendly face become strangers to LE&A!  We miss you already, buddy.  

RG Shirts 003


wdelanophoto said...

Cute blog post. I can see why Max had a hard time choosing which one to wear in the photo- glad they all had a chance to be featured! Good luck to Max on his new venture.

P.S. Cam wears these shirts on Modern Family :0)

EmKDee said...

Wendie, I was JUST going to remark the same thing. I've always wondered who the designer was. . . as always, Becks, so educational. :)