Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 Golden Globe Report


Golden Glam

Giorgio Armani Prive

Can there be any way to describe Anne Hathaway in this golden sequin gown other than “Jaw-dropping”?  It’s no secret that she is a client of the revered Rachel Zoe, so she never misses.  BUT – her appearance at the Globes in Giorgio Armani Prive this year has got to be her best yet.  She’s never been in better shape, so she was a complete knockout in this sexy dress.







Front, side or back it was amazing.  I’m sure there was a collective gasp by passerby that night when she turned to reveal the back.  WOW!

Her make-up was flawless and her hair done to perfection to suit this dress. 



011711-angelina-jolie-350Angelina Jolie comes in second with a dazzling emerald green dress from Atelier Versace.  She was right on trend, as green and a return to 80’s chic seemed to dominate the evening.  As a child of the 80’s, I am NOT thrilled at the resurgence of any “fashion” from the period, but the first two dresses in this post seemed to do it well.  The color and draping of this garment are both vibrant and elegant and perfectly suited for the calm and cool Angelina.  To me, this is the type of gown made for the Globes…save the Princess Grace style dresses for the Oscars.





As lovely as Jane Krakowski is, she wouldn’t be considered a fashionista in most circles, which is why I was so pleasantly surprised by this stunning gown.  She looks radiant in the periwinkle color (make-up perfectly coordinated) and the draping highlights her well toned arms and adorable baby bump.  You could just feel the joy of impending motherhood jumping out of the screen…and how beautiful she felt too.  Well done, Badgley Mischka, Jane looked amazing.



Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang

Oh Sofia Vergara – do we not all want this bod?  And she KNOWS it!   She loves showing off her curves and you can’t help but not hate her because of that delightful personality. (I’m sure even Vera Wang herself couldn’t be mad at Sofia when she pronounced her name repeatedly as Vera Wong).

This gown was made for Sofia – the color was a standout, the black belt a perfect finishing detail and the cut followed every curve to a tee.  She chose to keep her hair down and flowing which added to the appeal.


burberryMy fifth pick is Leighton Meester in Burberry.  While I know this dress was not a fan fave and has taken a lot of criticism, I adored it on her.  Certainly, I understand why folks didn't care for it…it’s not a typical award show dress.  But Leighton is a style icon of her generation, which made this an amazing choice for her.  She’s got a drop dead figure – a must to pull off this look – and a unique indie style.  I love that she chose something that was fashion forward and set her apart from all others on the Red Carpet.  The Globes are about knowing yourself and taking appropriate risks to demonstrate who you are.  Way to go, Leighton, you’re an original and looked amazing in the subtly sexy dress.

Last but certainly not least, an Honorable Mention goes to Maria Menounos in a stunning dress by Michigan’s own Pamella Roland.  The blush tones were gorgeous and I loved the contrast of shabby frayed edges mixed with a sparkly neckline.  Her hourglass figure does a little something for the gown too.  Thanks Pamella Roland (DeVos) for making Michigan shine in Hollywood!


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Great post! I had no idea Pamella Roland is from Michigan - that's very good to know. She's showing at Fashion Week too.