Saturday, October 16, 2010

These Boots are Made for…..Hunting

lorelei shirtdress - tommy site

Hunting Boots…in the City!

My husband, Jay (the urban cowboy in the 10 gallon hat), just returned home from a trip to Wyoming hunting for Elk.  While he had an amazing time, the Elk remain elusive – the only trophy that came home is this big hat.

I’m not a real lover of the sport of hunting, but it has become beloved to my husband over the years.  His best friend, Ben, introduced him to it and it’s become a yearly rite of passage.  Seems fitting as we head into deer season that I should cover hunting style.  Right?

Perhaps I’d like hunting a little more if I could wear any of the boots on this tommy sitepage while doing it (insert wink here)?  SOME of them are practical (insert another wink).  Seriously though, Tommy Hilfiger has revived his brand with a great fall collection of boots.  Most notably, with his classic duck boot.  This sexy knee-high rendition features brown suede on top with a blue rubber base and is exactly on-trend.  It looks adorable with a casual khaki skirt or as Tommy Hilfiger site 2shown here with a cool pair of fall shorts and tights.

The short duck bootie is a little more practical, with the same cool vibe and rugged edge.  Both would be great for tailgating too.

This essential “Hunting Bootie” has enjoyed such overwhelming popularity that it is sold out in many places (Call 1-888-Tommy-4U to be added to the waiting list).

This sophisticated Pour le victoire - Revolveflannel bootie by Pour la Victoire is a little bit hunting, a little bit hiking.  The September issue of InStyle magazine featured a red and grey plaid flannel version that I couldn’t find anywhere.  The grey flannel is probably more practical and polished – a great substitute. 

Aldo always does a great job with trendy styling at a very friendly price-point.  Below are two of my favorite “hunting” styles.  Couldn’t resist the camouflage wedge bootie, which would surely throw any deer off your scent (or stop him in his tracks!).


Aldo - Zappos Also - Zappos

halima - tb site

I’m crazy about every boot from Tory Burch this season.  She perfected military and now I’m sweet on her hunting/hiking styles too.

The “Halima” suede bootie to the right would look so cute with season staples - a hunter orange coat and camouflage pants.   Hot stuff.  I mean…what hunter doesn’t enjoy a 4 1/2” stiletto?  

Okay, my husband would kick me off the field…but….

Tory Burch site  howard wedge trigg - tb site

A few of Tory’s other cuties – The Howard wedge hiking bootie (left) has a rugged yet polished attitude and can be worn with leggings or a feminine dress.  The Trigg Tie-Up Hiking boot  is mid-calf length and has a classic style with edge.  This one would look cozy with leggings and a parka. 

And now for the boot that is as elusive as the Elk….

ImageHandler.ashx  Reed Krakoffs $5,500 pair of boots

This stunning showpiece by designer, Reed Krakoff, doesn’t really seem to be available.  It’s not for sale on any of the normal shoe sites….or Reed’s itself.  After a little digging, I found out why.  I first came across this beauty in a recent issue of ELLE magazine.  It caught my eye immediately, so I went in for a closer look.  It’s not often you see “price upon request” next to items in magazines.  The shoe is made with alligator and has a $5,500 price tag.  Clearly this means I will be admiring these lovely boots from the comfort of this page.  They are a work of art.

This blog is dedicated to our beloved Ben…who would have really gotten a kick out of my attempt to make hunting stylish.  :o)


Anonymous said...

ha, well not sure about the hunting, but love the Tory Burch booties! xoxo

EmKDee said...

This post is perfectly written. . . and inspiring too. I'm with you, Becks. Tory Burch has it goin' on. Are you going to purchase any of these fun kicks?

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