Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trend Watch: Jeggings


Jeans + Legging = Jegging

I must admit that I’ve paid no real attention to this trend until my friends and colleagues, Kristie Hand and Lisa Smigiel, requested my thoughts.  I had tried them on before, but it was one of those days that a woman shouldn’t be trying on clothes, especially jeans – and especially not THOSE jeans!  So, I didn’t really give them a chance.  This week, I went back out again to conduct research for this post.

7 for all mankind neimanFirst off, I must point out that I think this hybrid name of “jegging” is ridiculous.  I’m not sure why we need to come up with a cutesy name, rather than just referring to them as what they are – jean leggings.  There are a million different styles of jeans and they don’t have silly names…we just say, bootcut, boyfriend or skinny when referring to their style.  So, from here on out in this blog, the word jegging is banned. 

J Brand - Shop Bop Jean leggings are going to be fall’s skinniest, sexiest and comfiest jean.  They are different than the skinny jean as they are made with a new type of nylon material that makes them more comfortable.  Although they look tight (ok, really tight), they don’t feel tight and are actually stretchy, soft and flattering.   

While they aren’t the easiest things in the world to get on, they are versatile and comfy.  Worn correctly, they’re a fun trend that looks modern, classy and cool.  Worn incorrectly, they are a fashion disaster revealing every curve and bump that you’d rather keep hidden.  

1A900C7F How do you wear them?  Well, that’s what is so great about these things - You can wear them to the grocery with a t-shirt or you can dress them up with heels.  You can wear them anywhere really, but as with anything, they should be worn according to your personal style, body type and personality - and not according to trend. 

The key is pairing them with the right top.  They look perfect with long tops, short dresses and long cardigans.  For casual wear during the day less is more.  Flats, sandals or sneakers are a good choice of footwear during the day.  For a great fall look, pair jean leggings w/a long sweater cinched at the waist with a cute belt.  Or wear them with a relaxed tank, a long cardigan and a scarf. 

American Eagle

You can find jean leggings everywhere from American Eagle & Urban Outfitters to Macy’s and Neiman Marcus.  Online shops like Shop Bop and TopShop have a great selection too.  When looking for the best fit for you, similar rules apply as with regular jeans – stick with the brand you typically wear.  Of the jean leggings I tried during my research, I prefer Hudson, Citizens of Humanity and William RastJoe’s Jeans are popular in this style, but not for this girl.  Couldn’t get them on past my knees.   

I learned a lot about this hot trend this week, but I didn’t buy a pair.  Truth be told, they just aren’t me.  I’m fortunate to be fairly long and lean, so they don’t look awful on me, but I don’t feel great in them.  The key to wearing anything WELL is confidence.  Without that, wearing a daring trend like this can spell disaster.  I appreciate them and think they have a great place this season, just not on me.  I’d encourage anyone to give them a chance though – like you tell your kids when you want them to eat broccoli, “Try it, you might like it.”

Btw…I don’t like broccoli either. 


Little Emilly said...

I like SOME jeggings,
ones that look like jeans. The cheapies generally aren't that good. I have a couple of pairs that are quite nice :)

The ones you've pictured though all look lovely, especially the white ones.

I actually prefer treggings,

but jeggings can look amaaazing, so can a great pair of jeans it's how you pair them. Great post!

Janene Murphy said...

I think the jegging trend will leave many fashion victims in its wake. My butt is the size of Kansas, so I dare not wear them. I pray to God similarly challenged women will follow my lead.