Saturday, March 27, 2010

Project Runway – Fashion and Technology


It may come as no surprise, but I love Project Runway.  Each season seems to get better and better.  This year I’ve been inspired by the show’s incorporation of technology with fashion design.  I’m not that hip to technology, so I guess I’m especially amazed at the advances that are available these days.  Vivienne Tam was the guest judge this week and she introduced the designers challenge to create their own textile with the HP Touchsmart PC.   These nifty little machines actually allow you to use the screen as a canvas, using anything from your fingers to an actual paintbrush!   I wasn’t amazed by the fabrics that the designers created, but I was completely inspired by the process. 

Earlier this season, the show provided designers with the HP Touchsmart Notebooks to use for sketching their designs.  I think I’ll always be an old fashioned girl that likes a hand-drawn sketch, but you can’t deny that these products provide a world of opportunity to designers that an ordinary sketch can’t.   

This episode made me want to run out and buy this machine (and the notebook for that matter).  My husband talked sense into me today…but you never know if I might bring one of them home with me someday.

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Kris said...

We're faithful watchers of Project Runway, and this was a really fun and interesting episode. I don't have a fashionable bone in my body, so I'm always amazed at the creativity and inspiration. I'd love to see a textile created by you!